Retour de flammes

arrivages, restockage, braquage…

-Techno Thriller (12″)

-Les Trucs “Jardin du BOEUF” (12″)

-Les Trucs (7″)

-Tzii “road trip through the abyss” (12″)

-Solar Skeletons “scavengers ov beliefs” (cs)

-Crack Cloud “anchoring point” (7″)

-An Albatross “eat lightning, shit thunder !” (12″)

-An Albatross “we are the lazer viking” (12″)


label Sub Rosa (Bruxelles) :

-Bill Laswell & Nicholas Bullen “bass terror”

-Sote “persian electronic music vol.2 / sacred horror in design”

-Hastings of Malawi “visceral underskinnings” (2018)

-Hastings of Malawi “vibrant stapler obscures characteristic growth” (1981 reissue 2016)

-Digital Dance “002”

-Oiseaux-Tempête “Tarab”

-Pseudocode “next one’s called…”

-Pauline Oliveros “early electronic works 1959-66”

-Kosmose “first time out (Charleroi 1975)”

-Jean Roché “birds of Venezuela (introduced by David Toop)”

-David Toop & Paul Burwell “suttle sculpture”

-Karel Appel “musique barbare”

-Music from Yemen, Arabia (cd)


-Zizi (Standard In-Fi – cs)